Great service is Great when it is told. When it is told, it can be sold!

Coen is a passionate speaker on bridging sales & service. He is a story teller/ business leader with a service heart and sales DNA.

Meet Coen at:

Event Date Topic Producer
Revenue Operations for Manufacturing 12 July 2022 Revenue Operations for After Sales EPAM
Field Service Summit Europe 9 June 2022 Why your service business should not be set in stone Copperberg
Service Cloud Summit 12 May 2022 Monetising the lifecycle of your assets Salesforce
Service Management 4.0 3 May 2022 Using service and asset data to power your digital transformation journey towards growth and profit Citona
Kennis sessie 17 March 2022 Maak field service het hart van uw customer intimacy AppSolutely
Service Symposium 27 October 2021 Service Profitability – how do you know you are doing a great job? Field Service News
Annual ASAP conference 27 October 2021 Using an asset 360 view to drive the circular economy ASAP
High Tech Manufacturing NL 13 October 2021 Reimagine service – using high tech to achieve state-of-the-art business excellence ServiceMax & Salesforce
Breakfast seminar 12 October 2021 Crucial service metrics Copperberg
Field Service Forum 10 June 2021 How the asset helps the technician do a better job Copperberg
Maximize – RoundTable 17 March 2021 – Enhancing the commercial maturity of your service business
– The installed Base’s role in lifecycle management
Maximize 16 March 2021 Achieving service excellence by mastering the basics ServiceMax
Maximize 15 March 2021 Revitalise your service portfolio for CX and growth ServiceMax
Pod cast series 11 February 2021 Impact of Covid on service delivery KVD
Field Service Circle 27 January 2021 Strategy & Vision ServiceMax
Field Service Circle 16 December 2020 Asset as a consultant ServiceMax
Field Service Circle 25 November 2020 Customer experience ServiceMax
Smart Services 25 November 2020 The asset ‘tells’ what a smart service is University of Luzern
Field Service Circle 28 October 2020 Workforce actions ServiceMax
Strategiegipfel 7 October 2020 Three things to consider when extending your services portfolio Project Networks
Field Service Europe 21 July 2020 Advancing service together – beyond the tool WBR
Think Tank series 8 July 2020 The true value of service data Field Service News
German series 24 June 2020 Foundation for the future of field service management ServiceMax
Innovation series 17 June 2020 Predictive and preventive maintenance ServiceMax
Field Service Circle 27 May 2020 Capturing value through service data ServiceMax
Think Tank series 26 March 2020 The workforce of tomorrow Field Service News
Coffee series 26 March – 28 May 2020 – Offering Uptime
– Work permits
– Daily FARM
– No Fault Found
– From T&M to Contract revenue
– Incentivising technicians
– Sustainability
Innovation series 17 February 2020 Selling preventive maintenance ServiceMax
Annual ASAP conference 28 November 2019 How digital technology impacts service ASAP
Fiels Service Circle 13 November 2019 Industry trends in service execution ServiceMax
Maximize 22 October 2019 CSAT, NPS, Customer effort? What is the right score? ServizeMax
FM Forum 17 September 2019 How to control and optimise service operations for facilities management FM Expo
Customer Contact Europe 5 June 2019 How to use data to create the ideal customer experience: from big data to dig data Frost & Sullivan
Maximize 22 May 2019 From fixing what breaks to knowing what works ServiceMax
Field Service Circle 9 April 2019 Reshaping service delivery ServiceMax
Innovation series 27 March 2019 The five sustainability opportunities for service execution ServiceMax
Service Summit 27 November 2018 Asset & service data gravity – how service is the key to growth GE Digital
Maximize 11 October 2018
7 June 2018
Driving service revenue ServiceMax
Service Summit 26 April 2018 Delivering margin growth this year GE Digital
Service Summit 6 December 2017 The service engineer of the future GE Digital
WBR Field Service Asia 7-9 Nov 2017 What service managers should know about sales WBR
After:Market 2017 18 – 20 Oct 2017 What service managers should know about sales Copperberg
Field Service Forum Europe 31 May – 1 June 2017 Chairman Copperberg
Field Service Summit UK 10 – 11 April 2017 How to deliver differentiated customer experience by connecting employees, processes, and systems on one platform Copperberg
After:Market 2016 19 – 21 October 2016 Chairman (Opening / Closing) Copperberg
Field Service Forum Europe 8 – 9 June 2016 Chairman Copperberg
Field Service Summit UK 11 – 12 April 2016 Demand Generation Copperberg
Field Service Middle East 7 – 8 December 2015 Which services do customer really value? WBR / Hannover Messe
After:Market 2015 21 – 23 October 2015 Recognising value Copperberg
Field Service Europe 19 – 21 October 2015 Which services do customer really value? WBR
Service Management 5 February 2015 Het herkennen van Waarde Mikrocentrum
What services do customer really value? @ Field Service Middle East 2015 – Dubai

Jim Baston, President at BBA Consulting Group Inc.: “Coen fully understands the service business from both a sales and service perspective. He is one of those rare professionals who is able to bridge the gap between the two roles to uncover and drive new business. His passion and energy is evident in everything he does. His presentations are inspirational and informative and often leave me with a new perspective that I had not previously considered.”

Round table Demand generation @ Field Service Summit 2016 – Oxford

Thomas Igou, Conference Producer at Copperberg: “I’ve had the pleasure of having Coen speak at a few of my service-related events, and also Chair the Aftermarket Business Platform. Each time, Coen was voted as a top speaker and participants highly appreciated his insights. He showed true thought-leadership in bridging sales and service, and was able to express his views with contagious energy to build traction in the community. I would highly recommend Coen on his ability as a Service Leader and I look forward to collaborating with him again in the future.”